Redbridge Asphalt Repair

Project Type: Asphalt Repair
Project Duration:
September 2022- October 2022
Budget: $250,000

Project Summary

Redbridge, a 438-unit community in Tracy, hired CIMS’ Project Support Team to assist in a large-scale asphalt repair project. The team performed a site visit to assess the conditions and create the scope of work. The Board reviewed proposals that were presented after completing a detailed bidding process and analysis. Our Project Support Team facilitated the contract negotiations process and coordinated with the HOA’s attorney in finalizing the detailed contract.

Due to the size and location of the community, the Project Support Team considered several logistical challenges, including weather, school schedules, trash pick-up, gate access, overnight closures, irrigation, and resident vacations, to ensure the project was successful with minimal disruption. The project was completed in 5 repair phases and 13 seal-coating phases, which required significant coordination with residents. Project Support mitigated challenges that arose during the project to ensure it was completed successfully, on-time and within budget. Redbridge has been a repeat Project Support client for additional maintenance and renovation projects throughout the community.

Past Project Sucesses

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