Blue Lake Sqaure Asphalt Repair

Project Type: Asphalt Repair
Project Duration:
November 2022 – June 2023
Budget: $90,000

Project Summary

Blue Lake Square’s Asphalt Project was a 30,284 square foot 2″ mill and pave that occurred over a two-day period. Project Support started the conversation with the Board of Directors in November 2022, bids were completed in February 2023, and the work was completed in June as soon as school was out as requested by the Board.

All residents were requested to park outside of the association with proper and advance notice. A few months prior to commencement, our team was able to receive approval from the neighboring church for the residents to use their parking area. The team prepared a detailed notice with a map delineating the approved parking spaces and distributed it to the residents. Additional notification was distributed by the vendor and posted on each unit’s door. The repairs were successfully completed without any issues arising.

In Spring/Summer 2024, Blue Lake Square will apply a fresh asphalt seal coat and touch up the striping.

Past Project Sucesses

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