Community Management

People are the difference. Offering the most competitive compensation, benefits, career paths, training programs and support in the industry, CIMS is a destination employer for community managers. Why should you care? Because we have some of the most educated, experienced and tenured managers in Northern California. And due to the longevity of our company and our team, many of our HOA clients have enjoyed long-term relationships with managers for more than ten years and counting.

Reliable. Responsible. Knowledgeable.

Dan Nelson

Founder & President

33 Years of Industry Experience
22 Years with CIMS

Mike Archer


30 Years of Industry Experience
17 Years with CIMS

Dan Nelson

Founder & President

33 Years of Industry Experience
22 Years with CIMS

Christa Schenk


30 Years of Industry Experience
15 Years with CIMS

Adrianne Burkart

SVP, Community Management

25 Years of Industry Experience
9 Years with CIMS

Marnie Collier headshot

Marnie Collier

SVP, Community Management

25 Years of Industry Experience
4 Years with CIMS

Sarah Reddell

VP, Customer Service

9 Years of Industry Experience
9 Years with CIMS

Why Size Matters.

CIMS provides the benefits of a larger company with the personal touch, care and accessibility of a smaller company. Serving the Bay Area for over 30 years, our commitment, long-term relationships and investment back into the company translates into experience, cost-savings and best-in-class management for our clients.

Accessible and Invested Owners
and Leadership Team

Experienced and
Tenured Staff

Investment in
Latest Technologies

Financial Means to
Weather Economic Storms

Local Offices and
On-Site Presence

Professional Training Programs
and Career Paths

Extensive Team of
Support Staff

Vendor Relationships
and Competitive Pricing

Our Approach to Community Management

Local Offices &
On-Site Presence

Homeowner Portal for

Board Member Portal for Realtime Access to Community Data

Emergency Calls by Your Community Manager

The Board should expect that basics are done well. There should be confidence that the management company will answer the phone, respond timely to messages, provide detailed status reports and make progress on task items. The management company must be keenly aware of the legal requirements surrounding HOA governance and best practices in preventative maintenance. Proactive management allows the Board to focus on forward planning and making effective thoughtful decisions for the community

Proactive Planning

We work with the Board to develop a pro-active annual plan to ensure the basics are done right and there is time to focus on special projects and community-building goals. Over the years, we have developed internal tools and checkpoints to ensure certain annual tasks, such as taxes and budget mailings, are completed automatically, ahead of legal deadlines. At the end of each year, we prepare a “Fast-Start” ready plan for mapping the upcoming year so that we can ensure budgets, elections and preventative maintenance tasks are scheduled. We work with the Board early to determine which major projects will be tackled and to set ample time in the year to focus on your priorities and initiatives.

Approximately one week before each Board meeting, the community manager will prepare your meeting package, including detailed reports, and provide an updated annual calendar so that the Board can properly prepare for the meeting, evaluate progress and make adjustments. Within a few business days following of the meeting, the Board will receive draft minutes and a working task list to ensure things are moving forward and tasks are not lost. Between meetings, the Board can choose to attend regular site inspections and vendor meetings with the community manager on-site. Throughout the month, the Board can log into our Portal for real time updates and status reports on accounting and management tasks.

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